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U.G.A.I (2019 - ongoing)

Multichannel audio installation for the theater / media Installation U.G.A.I

with: Marie-Christin Rissinger, Alisa Beck, Andreas Zißler, Klemens Kohlweis, Brigitte Schima, Anna Hirschmann, Pia Prantl, Anna Lerchbaumer and many more

" U.G.A.I - Union of global artificial intelligency is a object-performance on the intersection of theater, sound and mediaart and questions the problematic binarity of utopian and dystopian scenarios: How does the development of artificial intelligence change our idea of work? What social and legal frameworks are needed in connection to this development - by whom and for whom are they shaped?"

" Technology is reshaping work: machines are no longer merely capable of performing manual tasks; since long they are also able to perform complex cognitive tasks. But what would happen if bots started to stand up for their own rights?" 

(texts by Blinddate Collaboration)

2022 U.G.A.I - Ich bin kein Roboter - Wuk Performing Arts, Vienna

2022 U.G.A.I - Ich bin kein Roboter - Lichthoftheater, Hamburg

2021 U.G.A.I - Hört die Signale! - Steirischer Herbst '20 - Orpheum, Graz

2019 U.G.A.I - Union of global artificial intelligence - Wuk Performing Arts,                            Vienna

© Alisa Beck

© Bente-Stachowske

© Chri Strassegger

© Ulli Koch

© Unknown

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