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sirens (2022)

sound installation  | performance | object

with: Monroe Isenberg

sirens was a project done in collaboration with Monroe Isenberg during a residency at USF-Verftet in Bergen-Norway. An object, built to float in the sea was assembled from materials found in the surrounding area; a former shipyard. Microphones and speakers got installed on the float which produced standing audio waves through feedback. The sound and frequency of these tone’s responded to the movement of the sea. As part of the event series “Proverømmet" the object was assembled in front of an audience and carried to the water.

The residency at USF-Verftet was kindly supported by BMKOES.

Special thanks to: BIT Teatergarasjen, Laurie Lax and USF-Verftet

Videoedit by Monroe Isenberg

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© Ada Miko

© Ada Miko

© Ada Miko

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