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16 million pixels (2018)

sound and light installation

Flashes of three strobe lights get audible through microphones attached to the light bulbs. Each flash produces an audible pulse, which further gets processed and played back in the room through speakers. Flashes, shining through closed eyelids, appear as colorful patterns on the retina, paired with synchronous sound of pulses and high-pitched tones.

The outcome is an intimate and hyper-synesthesia experience, in which one's own physical conditions brings individual images and impressions. The experience encourages to reflect on the subjectivity of human perception.

2021 acquisitioned by Ferdinandeum, Tirol

2020 transgression Series - p.m.k. Innsbruck, Tirol

2020 toxic temple exhibition - Die Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna

2019 ELAK concerts - Echoraum, Vienna

© Thomas Grill

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