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agar agar (2022)

live performance

with: Martina Moro

agar agar is an audiovisual performance by Martina Moro and Fabian Lanzmaier. Sounds produced in real time by different Synthesizers are sent to audio transducers exciting liquids of different densities inside a container. The patterns appearing on the surface of the liquids are filmed and projected on a screen. The image gathered by the video camera gets transformed and feeds back in the audio path, changing certain parameters of the audio synthesizer, resulting in an open feedback system with its own dynamics and dependencies. Auditive and visual aspects as well as all the other components (whether analog, physical, digital, human,..) which are part of the apparatus are treated with equal importance and have equal influence inside this complex system and on the outcome of the performance. agar agar is a sculptural instrument, a “miniature stage”, that under many spotlights, reveals a frantic choreography of frequencies dancing with each other.

2024 Breitenseer Lichtspiele - Vienna

2024 TV - Controle Center - Athens

2024 Fox - Vienna

2023 Fridman Gallery - New York

2023 Sunview Luncheonette - New York

2023 casa del Popolo - Montreal

2023 ada x - Montreal

2023 Kunstkanal - Vienna

2023 smallforms - Vienna

2023 sankt bartlmä - Innsbruck

2023 c3 - Milan

2022 Lab30 Medienkunst-Festival - Augsburg

Edit of the live-performance at Lab30 Festival

© Fabian Schreyer

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