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solar critters (2024)

audio installation | parabolic reflectors

with: Klemens Kohlweis and Andreas Zißler

The solar critters are light-sensitive, primitive electronic circuits that generate sound. They respond dynamically to the sun's movement, subtly shifting through various states and changing their characters throughout the day. Their voices are amplified through three parabolic audio reflectors specially developed for this audio installation. These speakers create a narrow sound beam which gets reflected, absorbed and redirected by the topology of the surrounding landscape. The chirring, clattering and cooing sounds of the solar critters appear detached from their source, embedded in the landscape on the limits of audible perception. The traveling sun, moving shadows, weather conditions and the change of seasons become parameters in a long-lasting generative composition.

“solar critters” was done in collaboration with Klemens Kohlweis and Andreas Zißler as part of Wild Bits/Tartu 2024 European Capital of Culture. Special thanks to Mari-Liis Rebane and Timo Toots at Maajaam and the whole team of Wild Bits.

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