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Trauriges Tropen Orchester

Twilight - rain - interference. A bloodthirsty mob calls for new victims. But the sad tropics escape this priority. They are instances, bits, that require no illustration of properties or relations. Depending on the circumstances they occur sporadically or bundled. The appearances of TTO are sociomechanical sculpture and ethnocybernetic ritual at once. Console-shoegaze meets theater at his most. Orchestrated, catatonic digging in haunted archives is associated with the question of freedom of creation. A Midi-sect?

TTO is:

Ekehardt Reinalter

Maurizio Nardo

Jakob Breitenlechner


Lino Lanzmaier

Lukas Umek

Marco Russo

Andreas Zißler

Raphael Hanny

Fabian Lanzmaier

2021 Peepklub - p.m.k., Innsbruck

2020 Reif für die Insel - Kubus, Innsbruck

2020 Heart of Noise Festival, Haus der Musik, Innsbruck

2019 Niedere Freiheit, Cologne

2018 Ein maritimer Epos in dre Akten - Freies Theater, Innsbruck

2017 Zentrale, Vienna

2016 Urkult Festival, Riten (it)

2016 Heart of Noise Festival - Treibhaus, Innsbruck

2015 Heart of Noise warmup - p.m.k, Innsbruck

© Michael Pezzei

© Unknown

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