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Habitat 23 (2023)

audio installation | laboratory | coffee kitchen

with: Andreas Zißler

Habitat 23 was a site-specific audio installation done in collaboration with Andreas Zißler. Specially constructed parabolic audio reflectors were used to project highly directional sound beams into the landscape. The topography and its audio reflections were treated as a substantial part of the installation, creating an audio imprint of the space. The sounds played through the speakers were based on audio recordings gathered in the encircled area of the installation, as well as live audio input captured by microphones, which were then fed into feedback networks and further processed. The movements and captured sounds of visitors, inhabitants, wind, rain, a fire place etc., influenced these feedback networks, resulting in a constantly evolving sound environment that created an altered space. Over a period of 10 days, a temporary habitat was initiated—an on-site laboratory—where different arrangements of microphones, speakers, and audio processing chains were tested in order to explore the various possibilities, turning the whole site into an instrument.

Habitat 23 was done in collaboration with Andreas Zißler. The installation was shown as part of the Supergau festival 2023. 

Special thanks to Verein Symposion-Lindabrunn for providing their infrastructure in the production period and Martin Gautsch for all the support on site.

Habitat 23
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