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live_excerpt (2022)

live recording

Excerpt of a stereo room recording - live performance on a mutlichannel soundsystem at mdw-Klangtheater as part of the event series velak.  

00:00 / 14:30

Mimikry (2021)

Album Release through the International Winners Label

With "mimikry" his new release on Intl’ Winners, treibgut aka Fabian Lanzmaier is refining his work on amorphous sounds. A maze into surreal surroundings of organic structures in constant movement and disruption. Sounds bend until they breach, metallic timbres alter between percussive and tonal, forming musical gestures that fuse together, shaping narrative-like compositions. 


Artwork by Dilian

arkade (2021)

stereo audio piece

Composition for the event  "Generationswechsel" curated by Katharina Klement @ Echoraum Wien 2021. Kindly supported by Stadt Wien Kultur [MA7].

Akhtamar Lp (2019)

contribution to the audio score of AkhtamarII

"AkhtamarII - die 2000 jährige Oper" is a opera project by Ekehardt Rainalter which staged at the Heart of Noise Festival 2019. An Lp, supervised by Rainalter, with contributions/collaborations from actors and orchestra members of Akthamar was released through the Heart of Noise Lp editions

a bug's dream of heaven (2018)

multichannel audio piece

A narrative approach guides the composition throughout three concepts of space. The ‚physically existing space‘ which is represented by field recordings, the ‚imaginary space‘ achieved by physical modelling techniques and the ‚hallucinated space‘ which makes use of evoked Otoacoustic emmisions (a sound which is generated from the inner ear) and can be seen as a non existing space. These three ideas of space have blurred boundaries. They can appear simultaneously and interpenetrate one another.

2019 Banc d'essai - InaGRM in the MPAA/SaintGermain, Paris

2019 (projected by Thomas Grill) Floating Sound Gallery, St. Petersburg

2018 ELAK -  Steinergasse 8, Vienna

© InaGRM

Atlas (2016)

Lp release through the Heart of Noise Lp editions

Artwork by Lino Lanzmaier and Andreas Zißler

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