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animal-voice-pavilion (2022)

generative audio installation

with: Paul Gründorfer

An autonomous system is initiated by using electromechanical and digital sound generators positioned in the room, interwoven in a self regulated network of dependencies. Treated as entities, these connections of electronic circuits and digital sound processors create semi-natural, squeaking, stuttering, throbbing and singing organisms. A kind of half-animal, the electronic machine as mimesis of an organic world, where voice and language processes are generated by different applications of feedback networks. The idea of the machine as a natural, unpredictable entity outside a total controllable and determined system is at the center of interest. A continuous ecosystem started and left to its own. By examining sound as a processual medium, the question of sound as an independent presence in space is pursued.

animal-voice-pavilion was done in collaboration with Paul Gründorfer as part of Vorbrenner 2022 at Brux - Innsbruck

00:00 / 13:42

2022 Brux - Innsbruck

2023 der blöder dritte Mittwoch/parallel - Vienna

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