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Monat des Makaken (2021)

Kunst im öffentlichen Raum Tirol 2021

with: Lino Lanzmaier, Martina Moro, Pia Prantl und Andreas Zißler

Monat des Makaken (month of the macaque) was a one month long intervention in a public park (Rapoldipark) in Innsbruck, develepodet as part of the Art in public space Porgramm by KÖR-Tirol.


For the whole month of October the bathhouse including a woodoven was open for people to take a hot bath and watch a video work projected on the housing of the bathtub. The 44460 minute long video showed different actors of the park (birds, bugs, trees, plants, rodents…) which got captured by wildlife cameras installed in the surrounding area of the bathing house.


In her Book „staying with the trouble“ Donna Haraway summarazies the Coexistence of different species under the term companion species. Boundaries between different species dissolve. Monat des Makaken aimed to move this multispecies society in the space of the visible. During selected evenings the bathing guests could enter the bath and go in co-existence with creatures, usually outside of the human field of vision, projected on the bathing hut.


The project opened different perspectives on how places can be experienced outside their usual naratives. The preparation of the bathtub, the act of bathing and the heating of the oven was understood as an ritual and performative act, which over the longer period of the project transformed the surrounding area and its sociotop.


Certain bathing evenings where acompanied by interventions by Lissie Rettenwander, Peter Brandlmayer, Margit Busch, KünstlerInnenschaft Tirol and the Kids of Rapoldi <3

Rock Paper Scissors (2021)

Art Residency at Trempolino - Nantes as part of the magic carpets project

with: Lino Lanzmaier and Martina Moro

The work Rock Paper Scissors was developed during a 4 week Residency in Nantes as part of the Magic Carpets program in cooperation with Trampolino and Le Voyage à Nantes. The Installation, combining sculpture, video, a green screen and sound aimed to take a step back, open the view and bring alternative stories and futures to the nearby environment and history; Isle de Nantes, an area which since 20 years is under strong development and „renewed“ after a Masterplan done around the year 2000. The transformation of this area of over 350 hectares is one of Europe’s major urban projects.

The project tried to bring fantastic futures for a place who's future already seems to be determined by a few people rather than the people who (will) inhabit it.

Stone boulders are an ever-present element on the Isle de Nantes. Often placed next to construction sites it can be seen as a symbol of gentrification of the former industrial area. The same kind of Stones also get positioned on places, where migrants and people in need for shelter used to seetle. With the rocks occupieng the spaces it is impossible for people to rest. After a attack in Nantes 2014 and a wave of terror attacks in France, rocks got placed in high numbers around public squares, promenades and other regularly crowded places.

Rock paper scissors was done in collaboration with Maya Eneva (stone sculpture) and the students of Beaux-Arts de Nantes Saint-Nazaire (video material, stories, additional audio material).

16 million pixels (2018)

Light and audio installation 

Flashes of three strobe lights get audible through microphones attached to the light bulbs. Each flash produces an audible pulse, which further gets processed and played back in the room through speakers. Flashes, shining through closed eyelids, appear as colorful patterns on the retina, paired with synchronous sound of pulses and high-pitched tones.

The outcome is an intimate and hyper-synesthesia experience, in which one's own physical conditions brings individual images and impressions. The experience encourages to reflect on the subjectivity of human perception.

2021 acquisitioned by Ferdinandeum, Tirol

2020 transgression Series - p.m.k. Innsbruck, Tirol

2020 toxic temple exhibition - Die Angewandte Innovation Lab, Vienna

2019 ELAK concerts - Echoraum, Vienna

© Thomas Grill

U.G.A.I (2019 - ongoing)

Multichannel audio installation for the theater / multimedia Installation U.G.A.I

with: Marie-Christin Rissinger, Alisa Beck, Andreas Zißler, Klemens Kohlweis, Brigitte Schima, Anna Hirschmann, Pia Prantl, Anna Lerchbaumer and many more

" U.G.A.I - Union of global artificial intelligency is a object-performance on the intersection of theater, sound and mediaart and questions the problematic binarity of utopian and dystopian scenarios: How does the development of artificial intelligence change our idea of work? What social and legal frameworks are needed in connection to this development - by whom and for whom are they shaped?"

" Technology is reshaping work: machines are no longer merely capable of performing manual tasks; since long they are also able to perform complex cognitive tasks. But what would happen if bots started to stand up for their own rights?" 

(texts by Blinddate Collaboration)

© Alsia Beck

2022 U.G.A.I - Ich bin kein Roboter - Lichthoftheater, Hamburg

2021 U.G.A.I - Hört die Signale! - Steirischer Herbst '20 - Orpheum, Graz

2019 U.G.A.I - Union of global artificial intelligence - Wuk Performing Arts,             Vienna

© Bente-Stachowske

© Chri Strassegger

© Ulli Koch

© Unknown

Orellana - Ecuador 2017 (2020)

Thesis at elak, Institue for electroacoustic composition - University for music and performative arts Vienna

supervised by Dr. Thomas Grill,MA

Orellana - Ecuador is a fictional travel diary/log and field recording archive. Carefully constructed text, audio and graphics construct a seemingly real world which we get to know through the collection of notes by an author whom identity stays in the dark. Even though we don't find out a lot about its identity we get to know personal thoughts of the author by describing its surrounding, inner life and even its dreams. A world which on first sight seems like ours unfolds into a slightly distorted version of the world we think to know. If it's the world itself or just the perception of the author that distorts it is left open.


This kind of text serves as a platform on which topics like human perception, audio recording techniques, flora and fauna of the tropical forest,mythology etc. can get examined without any claim of being coherent or even real respectively not disturbed by personal ideologies.


The thesis and some files of the archive can be found here:

bug sample Hon_2

Akhtamar die 2000-jährige Oper (2019 / 2022)

Orchestra member and performer as part of the opera "Akhtamar"

directed by Ekehardt Rainalter

"The world of akhtamar functions like a state, an ideal opera-state. The members of the bourgeoisie, progressiv individuals operate as enemies of the system. They don’t act within this piece, but are real citizens of this post dramatic state." (text by Ekehart Rainalter)

Akhtamar staged 2019 @ the Heart of Noise Fetival in Innsbruck and 2012 @ Treibhaus Innsbruck. 

An Lp-Release of the operae score was part of the 2019 Edition

2019 Akhtamar II - Heart of Noise Festival, Haus der Musik, Innsbruck

2012 Akhtamar I - Treibhaus Innsbruck

© Daniel Jarosch

© Unknown

© Daniel Jarosch

(2015 - ongoing)

Trauriges Tropen Orchester 

Twilight - rain - interference. A bloodthirsty mob calls for new victims. But the sad tropics escape this priority. They are instances, bits, that require no illustration of properties or relations. Depending on the circumstances they occur sporadically or bundled. The appearances of TTO are sociomechanical sculpture and ethnocybernetic ritual at once. Console-shoegaze meets theater at his most. Orchestrated, catatonic digging in haunted archives is associated with the question of freedom of creation. A Midi-sect?

TTO is:

Ekehardt Reinalter

Maurizio Nardo

Jakob Breitenlechner


Lino Lanzmaier

Lukas Umek

Marco Russo

Andreas Zißler

Raphael Hanny

Fabian Lanzmaier

2021 Peepklub - p.m.k., Innsbruck

2020 Reif für die Insel - Kubus, Innsbruck

2020 Heart of Noise Festival, Haus der Musik, Innsbruck

2019 Niedere Freiheit, Cologne

2018 Ein maritimer Epos in dre Akten - Freies Theater, Innsbruck

2017 Zentrale, Vienna

2016 Urkult Festival, Riten (it)

2016 Heart of Noise Festival - Treibhaus, Innsbruck

2015 Heart of Noise warmup - p.m.k, Innsbruck

© Michael Pezzei

© Unknown

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