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LeO 2.0 (2019)

Interactive Soundenvironment for Leo 2.0 

a project by Martina Moro

" U.G.A.I - Union of global artificial intelligency is a object-performance on the intersection of theater, sound and mediaart and questions the problematic binarity of utopian and dystopian scenarios: How does the development of artificial intelligence change our idea of work? What social and legal frameworks are needed in connection to this development - by whom and for whom are they shaped?"

" Technology is reshaping work: machines are no longer merely capable of performing manual tasks; since long they are also able to perform complex cognitive tasks. But what would happen if bots started to stand up for their own rights?" 

(texts by Blinddate Collaboration)

© Christa Pertl

© Christa Pertl

© Christa Pertl

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